Our Planning Process

1. Identify and Prioritize Goals and Objectives. What specific “goals” (i.e., Education Funding, Retirement Planning, Estate Succession Planning, etc.), rank the goals and then determine what your investment “objectives” (i.e., Liquidity, Income, Growth, Speculative) are for particular pools of monies that you have set aside.

2. Gather Information. This step takes a “snapshot” of your current financial positions and linking where you’re currently at, to where you want to be in the future.

3. Analyze Information. We will analyze your situation and review ways to improve your situation that may allow you the opportunity to pursue the goals and objectives that you have set for yourself.

f4. Propose Solutions. We will propose specific investment ideas and strategies that could be of benefit to you based on your goals, objectives and any additional information obtained in step 2.

5. Implement Solutions. Once we have figured out ways to improve your situation and are comfortable with these solutions, then it is critical that we take action and make the necessary adjustments to get you in the right direction.

6. Review Progress. These life planning stages are an ongoing process that requires both parties to stay in touch and to review your financial situation as often as needed. We like to schedule annual reviews and at least be in touch by telephone semiannually. The frequency of our contact is up to the client, family conditions and market conditions.