Specialty Services

New Age Investing is for those individuals who have never considered investing in the stock market and are not really sure about how the stock market might impact the bottom line, their finances. We at the B. Anthony Company will sit down and discuss different fundamentals of investing with you, as well as cover different options that make sense for you based on your current investment goals and time horizons.

Planning to meet those College Expenses? is a service we offer that targets individuals and families who have college expenses as a concern. A comprehensive analysis including calculating future college costs based on that colleges current expenses is prepared. We will then review each option available and prepare an investment schedule to meet these future expenses.

"The Retirement Plan Ticking Time Bomb" is not a concern typically if you and/or your spouse live long enough to spend the majority of the retirement assets. The problem or the "ticking time bomb" occurs when the IRS comes knocking for their portion which is upon the demise of you and your spouse if married. More and more we are finding that families have saved well enough that their greatest portion of assets are held in some type of retirement plan. See how the B. Anthony Company will work with you and your "serious" money and allow us to develop a roadmap that takes into consideration your spending habits, rate of return goals, risk/reward feelings and tax implications.

Widows/Widowers who have not had a need to manage their money until now can count on the B. Anthony Company for our expertise. We specialize in working with widows/widowers. Let one of our representatives help you through this difficult time and create a plan that gives you peace of mind.

"Create a Legacy" plan may be an option for some high net worth families. This service helps incorporate the family's values into personal, financial and social. Ask to see how the B. Anthony Company can help set up a plan that establishes a family legacy either now, in the future or upon your demise.