Our Services

Wealth Management

Portfolio Asset Allocation/ Diversification Strategies

Retirement Planning

 Managed Securities Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Unit Investment Trusts, Limited Partnerships, Mutual Funds, Fixed and Variable Annuities, Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Education Planning 

UGMA's & UTMA's Education IRA's Prepaid Tuition Plans vs. 529 Savings Plans

Risk Management & Insurance

Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance

Estate Planning

Succession and Survivors Benefits Planning, Legacy Planning, Charitable Giving

Business Succession Planning

Buy/Sell Agreement Funding, Executive Compensation Plans, Key Employee Plans

Employee Benefit Planning

401K, 403B, Profit Sharing, Pensions, Deferred Compensation Plans, Simple IRAs, SEPs, Keoghs